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Subject: dead grass
Category: General Interest
Posted On: May 24, 2005
Message: Hi, my female dog has killed my grass in the backyard from peeing. I water it constantly and I fertilized it but nothing seems to help, what can I do that is safe for the dog to get green grass in my backyard again? Also what can I buy to get rid of ants nest in my lawn? One last question, what is wrong with my new evergreen cedar tree. I water it and it is still turning brown. All of my other cedar trees are thriving. I just planted them about a month ago... Help me!!! Thanks


From: Richbar - Robin (July 11, 2005)
Message: Re dog: Lawns suffer the most damage during hot dry weather. Wherever you see dead spots, you can try to leach the urine out of the soil with water. This will help minimize the damage, but will not eradicate the brown spots. Re ants: There are many things on the market to help rid your yard of ants. Sevin dust, Ant Killer Dust, etc.... Some people even try dumping boiling water over the nests. Good luck! Re cedar: The browning is a sign of stress. Could be water related (too much OR too little). Dig down beside your cedar and see how wet the soil is. It could be that you're only wetting the top few inches when you water. If this is the case, set your hose on a slow drip over the root zone for about a half an hour. This will help prevent water run off and ensure that the water penetrates down deeper. Make sure that your cedar is free of pests such as spider mites as well.

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