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Subject: Plant-and-forget trees?
Category: General Interest
Posted On: May 06, 2005
From: Greg
Message: We have property in Quesnel, but rarely get a chance to be nearby. We plan to live on the land in the next few years, but until then we'd like to do what we can to have some trees planted. Are there some trees we can expect will survive (or thrive) planted in the Quesnel area without much watering (soil is relatively moist as it is) or attention? If so, are any of those trees fruit or nut-bearing? Thanks!


From: Richbar Nursery - Robin (May 20, 2005)
Message: There are many low maintenance, hardy zone 3 & 2 trees that thrive in the Cariboo once they are established. As for a plant and forget tree, it all depends on the season we're having. Most trees will need watering for the first year until they send out an adequate root system to support themselves. If we are having a hot dry summer, your trees will most likely die from drought. Your best chance is to plant your trees in the early fall and water them in well. The cooler weather of the fall and following spring will help your tree avoid too much stress while it is trying to fend for itself. I would probably avoid planting any fruit trees until you will be here to harvest as bears can cause vast amounts of damage to trees when fruit is left on. Try using our plant data search on this site to find trees that fit the paramaters that you desire.

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