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Subject: Rhododendrons for region 3.......108 Mile Ranch
Category: General Interest
Posted On: June 16, 2003
Message: I know there are Rhodo's for this region ....I was just wondering if you carried any and what there names are. Thankyou


From: RICHBAR NURSERY (July 28, 2003)
Message: I haven't answered this one earlier as I spoke to you on the phone already, but in case anyone else is interested, 'Roseum Elegans' is a zone 3 Rhodo with rosy/lilac coloured flower trusses. As well, the University of Helsinki has put out a collection of rhododendrons that are hardy to around -30 degrees celcius. Some of them are Haaga - pink, Mikkeli - white, Helsinki University - pink with orange red spots, Hellikki - pink. Selection varies, so if you are looking for a particular one, it's best to call in advance.

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