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Subject: Vegetable Garden Fence
Category: General Interest
Posted On: May 14, 2003
Message: Can anyone give me some tips/ideas on building a fence around my vegetable garden. Its' purpose is mainly decorative, but needs to keep dogs, balls, and toddlers out. I would like a 4ft lattice style fence. To keep the sun going through as much as possible. Any ideas on any style fence would be appreciated. Thanks.


From: Trudie (June 05, 2003)
Message: Plastic or cedar lattice work should be framed before attacthing to posts with wood screws. Don't fasten too tightly or the plastic could crack. There are several types of wire available such as page wire. For a temporary fence try plastic pea fence, . Any of these are a great choice as you can use it as support for peas, cucumbers, and other climbing plant including flowers. Your local building supply should help with details.

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