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Subject: Strawberries with brown, hard tips
Category: General Interest
Posted On: April 28, 2003
Message: Every year I have beautiful strawberry plants, but rather terribly strawberries. They start out grwoing just perfect when suddenly they develop a hard, brown "crippled" tip. What do I do wrong!?!


From: PETER (May 12, 2003)
Message: Your strawberries could be showing signs of age, nutrient deficiency, or frost damage. Strawberry plants should be refreshed every two years to maintain the best quality of fruit. If they are older than this, they should be replaced. Secondly, you may have a phosphorous deficiency in your soil that is contributing to the poor fruit. Since your plant looks healthy, your Nitrogen levels are probably fine, but try adding a fertilizer with a high middle number to help correct the possible deficiency. Last of all, if your strawberries receive a frost while they are in blossom, this will cause the fruit to be poor in quality. Hope this gives you somewhere to start. Peter.

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