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Subject: Weeding a vegetable garden
Category: General Interest
Posted On: March 31, 2003
Message: I have a large vegetable garden that I have neglected the past two years and would like to start up again. Over the years a large amount of perennial and annual weeds have taken over the site. Should I try and remove as much weed as I can by hand and plant this year, or should I not plant anything this year and just try to get rid of all the weeds. If so what is the most effective way you would suggest to remove or reduce these weeds.


From: ANNE (April 07, 2003)
Message: You could plant late, and spray with weeds with roundup, a non-soil active herbicide, or you can leave it for this year and hand pull the weeds as they emerge. Try to get the weeds before they go to seed and make sure you get all the roots of the real aggresive weeds such as quack grass and chick weed.

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