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Subject: Begonia
Category: General Interest
Posted On: October 03, 2002
Message: Is there any special way to save Begonias over the winter


From: richbar nursery (October 15, 2002)
Message: As long as they are large tuberous begonias, non-stop varieties are usually too small) they can be saved over the winter by doing the following: dig out plant and shake off excess soil. Trim plant back to an inch or two above the tuber (if plant has already died back, otherwise, let sit in a frost free area to allow plant to die back to return energy back to tuber). Discard any soft or mushy tubers. Remaining tubers can then be stored in a paper bag with vermiculite or peat moss in a cool, dark area (between zero and ten degrees celcius). It is optional to coat bulbs with a product such as Laters Bulb Dust to help protect against bulbs rotting during storage. Take out and plant into pots late February or early March.

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