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Subject: Lillies
Category: General Interest
Posted On: August 20, 2002
Message: I have succesfully wintered my calla lily bulbs but for the past two summers they have not bloomed. . Also, I have stargazer and tiger lillies planted on the north side of my house and they do come up each year but they are getting smaller and smaller. Any suggestions on what these plants need?


From: RBN (September 02, 2002)
Message: The lilies that are planted on the north side of your house are not receiving enough sunlight. Lilies prefer to be planted in a western or southern exposure while having their roots shaded by some type of groundcover. Lilies also benefit from being divided every 5 years or so. Your calla may not have a long enough growing season flower. Try planting it in early spring in a pot indoors and then plant it outside once all danger of frost has past. You can also try fertilizing it with a fertilizer that is high in a middle number (phosphorous)to help promote blooms as all lilies are heavy feeders.

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