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Subject: damage to fruit tree's from sapsuckers.
Category: General Interest
Posted On: June 18, 2002
From: laverne
Message: I have a problem with sapsuckers (type of woodpecker) damaging and killing my fruit tree's. What can I do to get rid of them? Is there anything I can put on the tree"s to discourage them?


From: ROBIN (June 28, 2002)
Message: Try covering damaged areas of the tree with burlap to stop further damage to that area of the tree, although they may just move to a new area of the same tree. Try hanging shiny red bird scare tape or aluminum pie plates from the tree to try to deter them.
From: Maureen (July 08, 2004)
Message: I just found a million holes drilled into my tree by a pair of woodpeckers. I sprinkled black and red pepper on the tree all around and into the holes. They came back, tapped once or twice and flew off. That was yesterday and they haven't been back since. If they stay away for a week or so, I will go out and wash the tree down to get rid of the pepper. I don't know if the pepper will hurt the tree, itself. But the woodpeckers were weeks away from totally bleeding it to death. After I wash it, I am going to try salving the wounds with aloe to help it heal. I'll let you know how this works.

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