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Subject: Honeysuckle vines
Category: General Interest
Posted On: September 23, 2010
Message: Wms Lake here, in this location for 2 summers. Have Yellow Honeysuckle vines, bloom once a season. Seem to be getting worse looking each year. Do I prune them back severely? They have a lot of bare stems showing, leaves on upper third of plants. Would rather have a variety that blooms all summer and hopefully is fragrant on bushier vines. Can you help?


From: Diane Spencer (April 18, 2013)
Message: I live in Quesnel and have an Orange Honeysuckle vine. We've had it up on a 10 foot trellis on the Southeast side of our house for 5 years. We started it on a 6 foot trellis and my hubby built the 10 foot one 2 years ago when it became apparent that our Honeysuckle thought it was Godzilla. We re-tie it to the trellis every spring because it tends to bush out like crazy and hang all over the place if we don't. We have never pruned it back but in the early spring we hand strip all the dead leaves off the vines, just as the new growth is starting. It blooms profusely in late spring/early summer and the blooms last a very long time while attracting many hummingbirds. There is a short dormant period during mid-summer and then a second blooming runs until heavy frosts come. It easily handles several light frosts before finally succumbing. We got our Orange Honeysuckle from Richbar Nursery, here in Quesnel.

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