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Subject: planting flowers outside
Category: General Interest
Posted On: May 02, 2007
From: Laura
Message: Can you tell me when the best time in Quesnel to plant bulbs that have been kept over winter outside to you garden. Is it some time in May. Thank you


From: richbar nursery (May 10, 2007)
Message: Bulbs that are blooming this spring such as crocus, tulips and narcissus are called fall bulbs. They should be planted in the fall to ensure they develop a root system and satisfy a cold requirement for the bulb to flower in spring.You don't mention how you overwintered these bulbs outside so I don't know if have been stored without freezing.If the bulbs are soft I would not bother putting the effort into planting them.If they are still firm they can be planted but it is unlikely they will flower much. Plant them in an area that doesn't receive direct sunlight in midday especially during the hot summer months. Small sized bulbs (1" in height) should be planted 5" deep. Large sized bulbs (2 or more inches) should be planted 8" deep. Amend the soil before planting with organic matter and bonemeal.We recommend using either Nurseryland TRANSPLANTER 5-15-5 or Bonemeal 4-14-0 along with Nurseryland SOIL DOCTOR to amend clay or sandy soils.

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