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Subject: hosta problem
Category: General Interest
Posted On: June 24, 2006
Message: Can someone tell me the best way to keep ants off hostas.


From: Jean (July 01, 2006)
Message: You can set some ant traps out or sprinkle Ant Killer Dust around the perimeter of your plants. You can make your own ant killer remedy using a mixture of water, honey or sugar and a teaspoon of borax. This sweet slurry will attract the ants.The borax, which is very toxic will kill them. Put this slurry into some pie plates and place under the hosta leaves. If you have ants, you probably have aphids as well. Use some insecticidal soap to help control this problem. More than one application is necessary to keep up to the voracious life cycle of the aphid. Slugs are the most common pest of hostas. An easy solution to elimnate slugs is to leave some orange peels under the leaves. The slugs can't resist but the peels contain a substance that causes them to shrivel up and die.

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