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Subject: Lilac bush won't bloom!
Category: General Interest
Posted On: June 14, 2006
From: Patricia Alston
Message: Hi, I an a resident of Prince George and about four years ago I planted a lilac bush. I started with a piece from a friend and as far as growing goes, it is doing quit well. It is about 3-1/2 ft. tall now and very full, however it has never bloomed. Could you please give any suggestions as to why and what I could do to amend this problem! I have six more lilacs to plant and would like to know if I am doing something wrong before I put the others in.


From: Jean (June 19, 2006)
Message: Here are some suggestions on how to get your lilac to bloom: 1. Be sure your lilac is receiving at least six hour of sun. 2. The weeds and grass may be competing with the lilac for nutrients. Remove weeds and grass around the base of the plant and mulch with 2-3" of bark mulch. 3. It sometimes takes up to 7 years for the common lilac to bloom. French hybrids bloom with a year or two of planting. 4. Bonemeal, which is high in phosphorous , is beneficial to flower production.Apply a handful around the shrub in the spring. 5. One lilac grower claims making a scrape 2-3" long near the base of the trunk right after blooming season. Nothing fancy- a boot scrape will do. This shock method almost always works for them. 6. Stressing the plant, by either fertilizer or water manipulation, often will trigger the plant to flower. Drought stress the lilac by holding back on the watering for a month, or apply potash in the fall- these may stress the plant into flower production. I hope these tips are helpful, Patricia. If it is a common lilac , patience be may all that is required.

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