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Vines can help soften the landscape as well as hide unsightly elements such as walls & fences. Although they look beautiful on a trellis against your house, vines are versatile plants that can – and should - be experimented with to create unique focal points throughout the landscape. A few ideas are: planting a clematis under a large shrub rose or small tree such as Amur or Korean Maple; using them as a groundcover or planting a vine to climb up stakes in a container. The annual Potato Vine or Bicolor Manettia are excellent candidates for the latter. A sampling of some of the vines we carry at RBN is as follows:

Aristolocia durior Dutchman's Pipe Ht: 3m Sp: 2m. Zone 3
Large heart-shaped leaves. Rapid growth. Flower is a 3" yellow-green, curved tube that flares into three brownish purple lobes. Sun or Shade.

Clematis spp. Clematis Zone 2-5
This Queen of the Vines is available in large flowering hybrid varieties or the smaller flowered species clematis. All clematis prefer their ‘feet in the shade & their heads in the sun’, so plant a few shrubs or perennials around the base of them to keep their roots cool. Sixteen different varieties available this spring.

Humulus lupulus Hops Ht: 4m. Sp: 2m. Zone 3
Vigorous perennial vine that grows as much as 4m a season. Dark green foliage resembles that of a grape. Sun or Shade. Humulus lupulus ‘Bianca’, a golden leaved form, is also available.

Hydrangea petiolaris Hydrangea Climbing Zone 4
Self-clinging vine w/ large white, lacecap flowers that bloom in June. Requires winter protection. Fast growth rate once established. Shade to part sun.

Lonicera Periclymenum Belgica Honeysuckle Belgian Ht: 3m. Sp: 1m. Zone 4
Reddish-purple, tubular flowers have a very strong fragrance. Blooms May-June & again in late summer. Sun to Part Shade. Flowers attract hummingbirds. The scarlet-orange variety Lonicera x ‘Dropmore Scarlet’ (Zone 3) is available as well as the U.B.C Introduction, Lonicera x ‘Mandarin‘ (Zone 4).

Parthenocissus quinquifolia Virginia Creeper Ht: 6m Sp: IND. Zone 3
Will grow in almost any soil. Blue-black fall berries attract birds. Brilliant red fall colour. Flowers are not noticeable. Sun to Shade. The variety ‘Engelmani is also available. It is similar in growth & habit to Virginia Creeper, but it has smaller leaflets & climbs by way of ‘suction cups’, & is self-clinging.

Polygonium auberti Silverlace Vine Ht: 4.5m. Sp: 4.5m Zone 5
Tolerant of all but waterlogged soil. White flower panicles bloom near branch ends during July. Fragrant. Rapid growth rate. Sun or Shade.

Wisteria floribunda Wisteria Japanese Ht: 4m. Sp: 4m. Zone 5
Fragrant, white, pendulous flower racemes up to 18" long bloom in spring. Requires winter protection to bloom. The variety Wisteria ‘Murasaki Noda’ is also available & has fragrant, purple-blue flowers. Sun.

In addition to the above vines, Richbar Nursery also carries fruiting vines such as grape & kiwi, annual vines, American Bittersweet, & the tropical Bougainvillea. Come see us for our full selection.

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