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New Perennials for 2018

New Perennials for 2018 -by Jean Atkinson , Richbar Golf and Gardens
In the fall we pour over catalogues looking for new and exciting varieties to bring to you in the spring. I hope that you will find something new in this list that will thrive in your zone and garden site (moist, rocky, full sun, full shade). Many of these will attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden from early spring to fall. I also like to select perennials not just for their beautiful flowers but unique foliage. We have many ‘tried and true’ perennials but maybe there is a space in your garden for something new.    I look forward to your feedback on these new additions.
AQUILEGIA CANADENSIS ‘LITTLE LANTERNS’ - ZONE 3       25cm (10 in.) Height    FULL SUN   These dainty, drought tolerant darlings will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and fairies to your garden. The unique red, star-shaped flowers with yellow tips dangle on wiry stems.
DIANTHUS BARBARINI ‘PURPLE PICOTEE’ – ZONE 3    15cm (6in.) Height    FULL SUN   Fragrance flows from this drought tolerant little groundcover. The fringed flowers with their white edges and magenta purple centres are magnets to butterflies.
CHELONE OBLIQUA ‘TINY TORTUGA’ – ZONE 3   40cm (16in.) Height   FULL SUN – PART SHADE   These are excellent in the moist perennial border or near water. Very pest resistant.  The hot pink flowers bloom in early summer on attractive shiny dark green bronze foliage.
DICTAMNUS ALBUS ‘ROSEA’ – ZONE 2   60cm (24in.) Height   FULL SUN   The name of this plant is derived from the fragrant volatile oils produce by plant in summer. The lemon scented plant is very tough and will grow on rocky sites. The pink flowers will re-bloom if deadheaded.
EPIMEDIUM ‘FIRE DRAGON’ - ZONE 4   20cm (8in.) Height   FULL SHADE – PART SUN   Once established, this groundcover will compete well with tree roots for moisture. I have used them successfully under fir trees. Dainty pink and yellow flowers appear in spring.
GERANIUM ‘JOLLY JEWEL SALMON’ – ZONE 3   25cm (10in.)  Height    FULL SUN – PART SHADE   Geraniums are one of my favorite perennials because they are so easy to grow. Long blooming and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions but best in well drained soil. The lovely salmon flowers caught my eye.
HEMEROCALLIS ‘FROSTED VINTAGE RUFFLES’ – ZONE 3   60cm (24in.)  Height   FULL SUN – PART SHADE   Another solid perennial in the garden. Easy to grow and virtually maintenance free. This variety is part of the 500+ CLUB. Members of this group are singled out for their high bloom count. In its third year, one single fan produced at least 500 blooms!!That sounds incredulous but I’m up for the challenge. Beautiful ruffled salmon and yellow flowers are fragrant and reblooming.
HEUCHERA ‘LEMON CHIFFON’ – ZONE 4   25cm (10 in.) Height   PART SUN- FULL SHADE   Coral Bells give you lots of bang for your buck with brightly foliage that lasts all summer, heaps of dainty bell-shaped flowers and a well-behaved, clumping habit. I love using these in patio pots for a pop of colour then transferring them into the garden in the fall. Grow in partial shade or filtered sun. If grown in full sun the foliage tends to wash out. We have many varieties but this one has bright yellow green foliage.
HEUCHERELLA ‘SUNRISE FALLS’ – ZONE 4   30cm (12in.) Height    The yellow-green, maple shaped leaves with red marking are very striking in containers or a woodland garden. This cross between Heuchera and Tiarella will tolerate more sun with adequate moisture.
MONARDA’ BALMY PURPLE’ – ZONE 3    30cm (12in.) Height   FULL SUN -PART SHADE   This compact, midsummer blooming, fragrant perennial is perfect for cutting and attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Keep these magenta purple flowers deadheaded for rebloom. A nice clump forming variety that won’t take over your garden.
MONARDA ‘FIREBALL’ – ZONE 3   75cm (30 in.) Height   FULL SUN- PART SHADE   Are you looking for something taller in your cutting garden? The mint-scented foliage with red fringed flowers is a well-behaved clump forming variety.
 PAPAVER ORIENTALE ‘BOLERO’ – ZONE 2   75cm (30 in.) Height   FULL SUN   This very showy, strong grower with large, crepe paper-like rosy purple red flowers with dark purple eyes is great for hot and sunny spaces.
PENSTEMON ‘RED RIDING HOOD’ – ZONE 3   75cm (30 in.) Height   FULL SUN – PART SHADE   The bright scarlet tubular flowers are magnets for hummingbirds. The upright flower spikes in early summer are long blooming are attractive in the border.
PHLOX ‘JUNIOR DANCE’ – ZONE 4    45cm (18in.) Height   FULL SUN- PART SUN   A medium height with bright green mildew resistant foliage and wonderful hot coral pink flowers mid to late summer.
PULMONARIA ‘HIGH CONTRAST’ – ZONE 3   25cm (10 in.) Height   PART SHADE – FULL SHADE   A showy shade loving plant with silver over laid foliage. Clusters of pink and blue flowers appear in early spring. This non-invasive plant tolerates moist soil and full shade.
SEDUM SUNSPARKLER BLUE ELF – ZONE 4   15cn (6 in.) Height   FULL SUN   Sedums are unflappable hardy perennials. The compact steel blue foliage and dark pink flowers make this a very versatile plant.
VERONICA ‘FIRST CHOICE’ -ZONE 4   30cm (12in.) Height   FULL SUN – PART SHADE   Veronicas are great performers in the garden as they are very floriferous with little maintenance. If you deadhead these midnight blue flower spikes will repeat bloom. Drought tolerant.

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