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2014 Garden Trends of 2014

Garden Trends of 2014

by Jean Atkinson, Richbar Golf and Garden

Are you a Ďhip Ďgardener, or would like to be one? Garden Media Group says these are the top trends that will dominate the gardening world in 2014.

Ground Up .Composting and recycling are always in the news but this year look for products that pre-compost right on the kitchen counter. I will have my eye out for this as my plastic ice bucket from un-named hotel chain keep the smells out but doesnít do much more than that.

Drink your garden. This means using all those antioxidants from your garden such as blueberries, raspberries, kale, spinach etc. and blending them up into smoothies for your health. Why stop there, grow your own grapes and hops and really get into it. Check out our seminar Wed. May21 for more info on this topic.

Dress up your yard. Itís much more than the plastic lawn chair, itís all about bringing your personal style out into the garden. Your garden is an extension of your home. A place to relax and socialize so have fun decorating with wall art, colourful pillows, candles etc.

Bee-neficials. Bees are big this year and itís all about making them happy by growing pollen rich flowers and offering wild bees a safe habitat. Flowers with single petals offer more pollen than doubles. They are attracted to the colours blue, purple and yellow. Some suggestions include: Bee balm, Rudbeckia, Cranesbill, Alyssum and Echinacea.

Simple Elegance. This is a great one for the novice gardener or for those who have a difficult time deciding on a planting combination. Plant only a single colour in an elegant container and you will be surprised on how many compliments you receive.

Young Men Get Down and Dirty. A surprising statistic is that men 18-34 are spending $100 more than the average gardener. They like to bbq more, make their own beer with homegrown hops and spend time with their kids in the dirt. Good on you guys.

Think Gardens. Schools, hospitals and offices are recognizing the benefits of plants with indoor plants. Plants reduce stress; make us smarter and more productive.

Fingertip Gardens. Gardening is high tech with more mobile apps that will help you be successful in your garden. Clicking on the QR code of a plant tag will give you planting ideas as well as planting and growing information.

Tree-mendous Reversal. North Americans are being asked to plant trees in an effort to replace more than the four million urban trees that are lost each year. You will be hearing more and more about the benefits of trees.

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