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New Plants for 2014

NEW FOR 2014


Alysum White Knight FRAGRANT long bloomer & compact

Begonia SUREFIRE RED bright red blooms til frost

Begonia SUMMERWINGS ORANGE long blooming ,low maintenance

Begonia SUMMERWINGS ROSE bright rose blooms til frost

Caliobrachoa CRUZE Pink Rose Eye rich colour

Caliobrachoa SUPERBELLS Double Salsa trumpet orange & tomato red

Caliobrachoa SUPERBELLs Pomegranate Punch hummingbirds will love this one

Coleus Wasabi Brightens up the shade

Nemesia JUICY FRUITS Cherry On Ice easy filler

Nemesia OPAL INNOCENCE FRAGRANT lavendar blue flowers

Pansy COOL WAVE Yellow trailing pansy ! New last year

Petunia CASCADIAS FANTASY Hot Pink hot pink with with center

Petunia CRAZYTUNIA Black Mamba best black we have seen

Petunia CRAZYTUNIA Mandeville fiery red edged with yellow

Petunia Ray Black smaller flowers -excellent black

Petunia SOPHISTICA Lime Green brightens colour in baskets

Petunia SURFINIA Heavenly Blue beautiful blue

Petunia SWEETUNIA Johnny Flame eye catching spiller for baskets

Red Threads -Alternantherea bold tropical foliage

Verbena LANAI Twister Pink showy bi-colour


Kale Redbor beautiful red tender leaves

Cucumber Diva Seedless , sweet, award winner

Tomato Little Sun Patio yellow cherry

Pepper Basket of Fire attractive, great for baskets,HOT

Small Fruit

Honeyberry Indigo Yum comes into production earlier

Lycium barbarum - Gogi Berry the ultimate antioxidant

Ribes odoratum 'Crandall' Black Currant fragrant flowers, sweet fruit

Shrubs & Trees

Ninebark Lemon Candy dwarf, adds colour to the garden

Rose Hybrid Tea Canadian Sunset red & yellow - strong fragrance

Rose Hybrid Tea Desert Peace double yellow red blend

Rose Hybrid Tea Golden Septre golden amber

Rose Hybrid Tea Olympiad finest red

Morden Golden Glow Elder compact fine texture

Oak Prairie Stature outstanding brick red

Japanese Tree Lilac Snowdance blooms at early age


Artemesia schmidtiana 'Ever Goldy' fine textured golden Silver Mound

Astilbe simplifolia Hennie Graafland dwarf, shell pink blooms

Brunnera macrophylla Sea Heart improved Jack Frost

Campsis tagliabuana Madame Galen attract hummingbirds

Chrysanthemum MAMMOTH Lavendar Daisy New hardy mums

Chrysanthemum MAMMOTH Pink Daisy selected for hardiness,vigor, size

Delosperma 'Fire Spinner' apricot, vibrant pink & white

Delphinium New Millenium Dwarf Stars new dwarf mix

Echinacea BIG SKY Harvest Moon fragrant bright golden flowers

Epimedium grandiflora 'Lilafee' lavender blooms early spring

Euphorbia polychroma First Blush yellow , tricoloured foliage

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Apricot yellow with apricot centre

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Red Shades brilliant red shades

Geranium phae. Samobor bright leaves, chocolate center,

Helenium Sahins Early vibrant orange flowers

Helleborus ballardiae Mahogany Snow mahogany blooms, deer resistant

Helleborus ballardiae Pink Frost burgundy buds open to light pink

Helleborus ballardiae White Lady Spotted white spotted

Hosta Hippadrome blue/green leaves, creamy margins

Hosta Lakeside Cupcake dwarf, perfect for containers

Hosta Winter Snow Giant, green-chartreuse, wavy

Iris germanica Violet Turner re-blooming , FRAGRANT

Iris siberica Strawberry Fair ruffled magenta falls

Lavandula Phenomenal less winter damage than others

Monarda Cranberry Lace pink flowers, mildew resistant

Phlox subulata Early Spring Blue this series bloom 2 weeks earlier

Phlox subulata Early Spring Dark Pink pink, darker pink eye

Phlox subulata Early Spring Purple light purple, dark purple eye

Phlox subulata Early Spring White clear white, yellow stamen

Sedum Dazzleberry blue grey foliage,raspberry blooms

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