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New Introductions

Plant breeders around the world continue to develop new varieties at breakneck speeds. Every season, the gardener is awarded with numerous new selections. Not only may a plant have vibrant blooms, but also interesting foliage, texture, fragrance, fall colour, pest resistance, vigour, etc….

Richbar Nursery is proud to offer the residents of the Cariboo a large selection of new plant material every year to compliment their garden by adding something a little out of the ordinary, or an improved variety of an old favourite. So, mix some old with the new & watch your garden grow!

Begonia x semper.'Dragon Wing' Dragon Wing Fibrous Begonia Ht: 30cm. Sp: 30cm
Vigorous plant with large, pendulous, scarlet blooms. Full sun to part sun.

Zinnia elegans 'Profusion White' Profusion White Zinnia Ht: 30cm. Sp: 20cm.
5-8 cm., clear white blooms. Self-cleaning & disease tolerant. Mounding growth habit. 2001 AAS Gold Winner. Full Sun.

Argyranthemum frut. 'Peachy Cheeks' Peachy Cheeks Cobbity Daisy Ht: 45cm. Sp: 40cm
Feathery foliage is topped with stunning, bronzey-orange coloured daisies. Extremely free flowering. Nice centre for large containers or in the flower bed. Full Sun.

Calibrochoa 'MiniFamous Red' Red Million Bells Trailing Annual
Small red bell-shaped flowers resemble a miniature petunia. Heavy blooming & self-cleaning. Fertilize regularly for best performance. Vigorous growth. Full sun to part shade.

Calibrochoa 'MiniFamous Yellow Lilac Star' Yellow Lilac Star Million Bells Trailing Annual
Lilac coloured flowers are edged in yellow & have striking plum coloured veins. Self-cleaning and floriferous. Vigorous growth. In containers, fertilize once a week for best performance. Full sun to part shade.

Cuphea Illavea Tiny Mice Ht: 30cm Sp: 30cm. Annual
Purple stem w/ two large red petals give this plant the appearance of a mouse. Great for containers & baskets. An interesting plant that appeals to children & adults alike. Sun

Pelargonium x hort. 'Lass O'Gowrie' Lass O'Gowrie Brocade Geranium
Foliage is fragrant . Green leaves have a cream edge & a wide purple-brown zone w/ highlights of rose-red. Single red flowers. Sun to part shade.

Pelargonium x hort. 'Mrs. Pollack' Mrs. Pollack Brocade Geranium
Foliage is green w/ cream centre & purple-brown zoning w/ highlights of rose-red. Single orange flower. Potpourri fragrant leaves. Sun to part shade.

Pelargonium x hort. 'Pink Happy Thoughts' Pink Happy Thoughts Brocade Geranium
Dark green leaves w/ ivory centres & dark zoning. Floriferous, single pink flowers. Potpourri fragrant leaves.

Pelargonium x hort. 'Pillar Violet' Pillar Violet Geranium Ht: 45cm Sp: 75cm Annual
Large violet coloured flowers bloom on a vigorous, well branched plant. Try planting this outstanding geranium in a large patio pot with an obelisk as it can grow up to 90 cm (3 ft.) tall with support! Also available in ‘Salmon’. Sun to part shade.

Pelargonium x hort. 'Shalimar' Shalimar Geranium Ht: 35cm Sp: 35cm Annual
Intriguing, star-shaped, florets are light pink in colour. Deeply lobed foliage with dark zoning.

Supertunia 'Mini Bright Pink' Mini Bright Pink Supertunia Trailing Annual
Heavy blooming w/ weather-resistant blooms. Fast growing, vigorous growth. Fertilize every week in containers. Full Sun. Also available in ‘Mini Pastel Pink’.

Sanvitalia 'Little Sun' Little Sun Sanvitalia Trailing Annual
Bright yellow daisies on a trailing plant. Perfect filler to brighten up your containers.

Vinca vine 'Illumination' Illumination Vinca Vine Trailing Perennial
Leaves have yellow center edged in green. Produces lavender-blue flowers in June. Can also be used as a groundcover to brighten up a shady area. See the article ‘Container Planting’ on page 22 for a combination using this plant. Plant in Full shade to part sun.

Hydrangea pan. 'Kyushu' Kyushu Hydrangea Ht: 1.8m Sp: 1.8m Zone 4
Cone-shaped clusters of white blooms. Partial shade is best, will tolerate full sun as long as it is planted in moist soil. We saw this plant at the Nursery Trade Show last September. It’s airy blooms make this an excellent feature plant.

Morus alba pendula 'Chaparral' White Weeping Mulberry 3m 1.8m Zone 4
Heart shaped leaves. No fruit. Branches weep to the ground. Feature plant or in shrub borders. Yellow fall colour. Full sun to part shade.

Gleditsia tricanthos 'Prairie Sky' Prairie Sky Honeylocust Ht: 7.5m Sp: 6.1m Zone 3
Salt & drought tolerant. Tolerant of a wide range of soil types & pH. Fine texture with an open growth habit. Yellow fall colour. Full sun.

Prunus ‘Rose’ Rose Cherry Ht: 3m Sp: 3m Zone 3
2-4cm brownish-red, juicy, sour cherries ripen in August. Named in honour of Don Cherry's wife, Rose. Plant fruit trees on a east or north facing gentle slope. Avoid south and west slopes as this may cause early bud break Sun to part shade.

Rosa (Hardy) 'Polostar' Polostar Rose Ht: 3m. Sp: 1.2m Zone 3
Single, 5 petalled, white flowers are produced in the hundreds. Blooms profusely in June & then sporadically until September. Largest, most vigorous climbing rose. Disease resistant. Although this is not a new introduction in the horticulture world, this is the first year it has been carried by RBN.

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