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Tubs & Hanging Baskets

You can help make this vision a reality by following a few easy tips.

1) Use large containers. One healthy, 16-18" hanging basket will have more

impact than several 10" hanging baskets. At RBN, we use pots & hanging

hanging baskets as large as 22" and rarely smaller than 12".

2) Use a high quality potting mix such as Sunshine Professional Mixes.

Heavy topsoil mixes inhibit root growth and slow the uptake of nutrients.

3) Add slow release fertilizer to the potting mix. Many of the basket

stuffers are vigorous growers, and benefit from the extra feeding.

4) Choose appropriate plants for size of container and location (exposure).

In addition to annuals, perennials & small shrubs are well suited for

container plantings.

5) Place containers in groups for maximum impact.

6) Water before plants become extremely dry. Water until water drips out

bottom of container - ensure there are drainage holes.

7) In addition to the slow release fertilizer added to the soil, feed

plants with a water soluble fertilizer every 7-10 days. Ask about

installing a cost effective drip irrigation system to help make watering

& fertilizing carefree.

8) Frost tender plants may need protection from chilly nights by covering

with Remay frost protection fabric, burlap, sheets, etc...

9) Using thumb & forefinger or a pair of scissors, pinch pant ends to help

create a well-branched, bushy plant. Pinch plants to just above a leaf

axis (where leaf comes out of the stem).

10)Remove spent flowers to help promote continuous blooms.

11)Like lots of colour? The use of white, yellow or blue will help tie all

colours together.

Follow these tips & help transform your house into a home with beautiful containers overflowing with colour & character.

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