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Fruit Trees

In order of productivity; apples, sour cherries, plums, sweet cherries, apricots and pears can all be grown successfully in the Quesnel area. Locations at higher elevations north, east & west of Quesnel have some limitations. Check with your garden supplier for detailed information about varieties best suited for your area. Following are some general guidelines to ensure that your home orchard becomes your best investment.

1. Space fruit trees at least twelve feet apart.

2. Use lots of bone meal when planting to aid in bloom and fruit production.

3. Plant in an area that gets lots of sunlight in the summer, but preferably where the ground is protected from early spring thaws. eg. north or east slopes and far enough away from tall trees and buildings.

4. If you cannot avoid planting in fast warming spring soils, avoid planting early flowering plums and apricots as blossoms will likely freeze, or mulch the ground in late winter to keep some cold in.

5. Plant at least two different varieties of trees of the same fruit, check for pollination compatibility. Sour cherries, some sweet cherries and Mount Royal plum are self pollinating and can be planted alone.

6. Avoid planting in wet areas or where soil is very heavy.

7. Prune trees lightly and frequently, your thumb is a great tool if used early enough.

8. Do major pruning if necessary in the spring prior to bud break

9. Apply dormant spray after pruning and prior to bud break to prevent insect and disease problems.

10. Apply Tanglefoot paste on paper, to the main trunk in spring to prevent ants and aphids from getting into your tree.

11. Water newly planted trees weekly, then less frequently and deeper as trees estabish.

12. If bears are a problem in your area, pick fruit as early as possible. Electric string fences or a good dog will usually keep them away.

13. Expect to start picking fruit one to two years after planting a two to three year old tree.

14. Attend Richbar Nursery's pruning and planting seminar listed on this website for more information.

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