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A popular question these days, besides when is it going to warm up? Is how do I keep cats out of my garden? There are many home remedies that seem to work for some people and not others. These include sprinkling cayenne pepper or mothballs around the base of the plants, replenishing the supply after it rains. Plastic pea netting will discourage the cats from scratching into the earth. The plants could be planted though the netting and bark mulch placed on top to hide the netting. They will hate getting their claws tangled up in the netting. Lava rock is another type of mulch that cats avoid. It is very sharp and cats detest walking on it.

There is a commercial animal repellent available. Use this spray on flowers, ornamentals, trees, bulbs, fences and garbage. Animals are met with a vile taste (non-toxic) and are conditioned over time to go elsewhere. If all else fails, I strongly recommend a good dog.

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