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Flowering Crabapples

Every spring, around mid May, we have several inquiries as to what kind of a tree is covered in pink blossoms. The tree in question is usually an ornamental flowering crabapple. Not only do these trees have spring blossoms (that work as a pollinator for other apple trees), several varieties have reddish bronze foliage through the summer & a nice orange red fall colour. These trees also bear small fruit that can be used for apple jelly, but is mostly left for the birds to feast on.

These trees are a good selection for small areas as most grow 15 20 ft. high, with the weeping varieties reaching approximately 8-10 feet. Most are extremely hardy at zone 2 or 3

Come visit Richbar Nursery in early May to see these beauties in full bloom, and re-discover an old favourite!

Malus Big River Big River Flowering Crabapple Ht: 5m. Sp: 3m. Zone 3
Deep pink flowers are followed by purple-black fruit. Disease resistant. Pyramidal growth habit.

Malus Makamik Makamik Flowering Crabapple Ht: 8m. Sp: 8m. Zone 2
Rosy-red flowers are followed by purple-red fruit. Bronze-green coloured foliage. Nice ornamental tree.

Malus Morning Princess Morning Princess Flowering Crab Ht: 4.5m. Sp: 4.5m. Zone 3
Pink flowers & reddish bronze foliage on an upright form with weeping branches.

Malus Radiant-CVI Radiant Flowering Crabapple Ht: 6m. Sp: 6m. Zone 2
Foliage emerges purple-red & ages to green. Red buds open to deep pink blooms. Bright red, 1.3cm fruit.

Malus Red Jade Red Jade Flowering Crabapple Ht: 4.5m. Sp: 4.5m. Zone 4
Long, slender WEEPING branches. White flowers followed by glossy red fruit. Nice feature tree.

Malus Rosy Glo Rosy Glo Flowering Crabapple Ht: 2m. Sp: 2m. Zone 3
WEEPING growth habit. Purple-pink flowers are followed by purple-black fruit. Bronze coloured foliage. Developed from a native Alberta tree.

Malus Selkirk Selkirk Flowering Crabapple Ht: Sp: Zone 3
Leaves emerge reddish & turn dark green w/ bronze cast. Bright scarlet fruit follows rosy coloured flowers.

Malus Spring Snow Spring Snow Flowering Crabapple Ht: 7.5m. Sp: 6m. Zone 4
White, fragrant spring flowers. DOES NOT PRODUCE FRUIT. Glossy green foliage.

Malus Thunderchild Thunderchild Flowering Crab Ht: 6m Sp: 5m. Zone 2
Purple leaves w/ red-purple fruit. Beautiful pink flowers appear before purple coloured foliage.

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