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Raspberries Are you planning a raspberry patch for your garden this spring? They are very easy to grow and the rewards are delicious. Here are a few tips for growing these scrumptious berries.
Gardening Tips The most frequently asked questions these days is “When is it safe to plant bedding plants?”
Flowering Crabapples Every spring, around mid May, we have several inquiries as to what kind of a tree is covered in pink blossoms. The tree in question is usually an ornamental flowering crabapple.
Foundation Planting A well-dressed house is trimmed with trees and shrubs. Without the structure of woody plants, a house can look exposed and naked. To dress your house, use “foundation planting,” a border of small trees, shrubs or even perennials planted next to the house.
Designing With Containers Containers can be used creatively all round the garden aside from the patio. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to use them in the residential landscape.
Perennials In Containers When planting containers, there are no rules, unlike hanging baskets; they don’t have to be symmetrical so you can use different heights and forms in one container.
Sunflowers Tall, majestic & beautiful. Sunflowers come in a variety of colours including shades of yellow, brown, red & white. They are often grown to fulfill a variety of purposes such as: educating young gardeners, beautifying the vegetable garden, supplying protection for more tender vegetables such as cucumbers & tomatoes, the production of sunflower oil as well as providing birds & people alike with delicious seed.
Vines Vines can help soften the landscape as well as hide unsightly elements such as walls & fences. Although they look beautiful on a trellis against your house, vines are versatile plants that can – and should - be experimented with to create unique focal points throughout the landscape.
Tomatoes The favorite vegetable for the home garden. Rich in vitamins A, B, & C, tomato varieties are available to produce fruit from early in the season to frost.
Lilacs Lilacs are one of the easiest shrubs to grow, especially in the Cariboo. These long-lived shrubs prefer our neutral to alkaline soil and, if given a minimum of six hours of full sun, they will bloom their hearts out for you.
New Introductions Plant breeders around the world continue to develop new varieties at breakneck speeds. Every season, the gardener is awarded with numerous new selections. Not only may a plant have vibrant blooms, but also interesting foliage, texture, fragrance, fall colour, pest resistance, vigour, etc
Fragrance In The Garden Quesnel had the wonderful opportunity to hear garden expert Brian Minter’s talk on ‘Plants for the New Millennium’. One of the points that Brian stressed was having your garden appeal to all your senses, not just your visual sense. People should be planting fragrance in the garden.
REPELLING CATS FROM THE GARDEN Tips on how to keep cats out of your garden... Contributed by Jean Atkinson
WHAT DO THOSE NUMBERS ON THE FERTILIZERS MEAN? Tips on fertilizing your garden
Fruit Trees With the latest Government roll backs, un-stable stock markets, trade conflicts with the US and produce at more than a dollar a pound at the supermarket, some of us are starting to think about the merits of becoming more self sufficient. Starting your own home orchard is a great first step.
Tubs & Hanging Baskets Imagine a large container filled with healthy, vigorous growing plants cascading over the edge in a fountain of richly coloured foliage & irresistibly scented blooms.
Planting Combinations Gardener's are always moving plants about. A plant doesn't perform well in one location so it is moved somewhere else. Some plants clash in size, colour or vigor and the gardener instinctively knows that one of these plants has got to move.
50 NEW perennials for our 50th Anniversary We have grown 50 NEW perennials to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Check out the descriptions of these unusual, hardy plants for your northern garden.
Gardening with Kids Rather than dropping your children off in your local nursery's play area, why not involve them in this year's plant selection process.
2006 Perennial Plant of the Year And the winner is....Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch'
Perennial of the Year 1990 - 2006 Let this list of past winners take the guess work out of finding some of the best perennials for your garden.
Colourful New Shrubs for the Landscape Here are some new ornamental shrubs for 2006
New Perennials for 2018 Get a sneak peek at what's new this spring
Spring - to - do List Get yourself and your garden into shape by following this list.
Spring Pond Clean Up It's time to act , when you can walk on water.
Hardy Kiwi Vine This vine is both edible and ornamental
In the Garden by Peter Josephy Written forty one years ago , this is still very good and timely advice.
Fuseables These colour combinations make container gardening EASY.
Potato Blight Good advice before planting your spuds.
Pruning Pruning to an OUTSIDE BUD makes all the difference.
Basil Presto!!! it's easy to make Pesto!
Catnip It’s a recreational drug for cats. So far, it is still legal.
New Plants for 2014 65 new plants this season
2014 Lawns & Dandelions Tis the season that fresh green lawns tend to disappear and are overtaken by dandelions.
2014 Tillandsia Do you wish you had a green thumb? Do all your house plants keep dying? Maybe the answer is Tillandsia ….. Air plants.
2014 Fragrance in the Garden There are many ways to add fragrance in the garden with annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs.
2014 Easy Colourful Containers After last winter we could all use a good dose of colour.
2014 Weeping Forms in the Landscape One of the most valuable lessons of landscape design is not to plant too many specimens.
2014 Gardening with Kids How do you get kids away from TV and computers and outside into the garden?
2014 New Sour Cherry Varieities The sour cherry has been available to the Northern gardener for many years.
2014 Garden Trends of 2014 Are you a ‘hip ‘gardener, or would like to be one?
Brandywine Tomato What is a heirloom vegetable ? And how to collect your own tomato seeds.
When to Plant Peter Josephy has been giving out gardening advice for over 55 years. I have a file of all his old articles written for the Observer and Williams Lake Tribune. I thought you would enjoy reading them as the advice is still timely. After nearly 30 years, some things like this question never change; however, some people may not agree that the weather doesn’t…read on.
Good Things Come in Small Packages Dwarf varieties can reduce maintenance in the garden.
2012 Perennial of the Year Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' deserves this honour.
2014 Perennial of the Year And the winner of this year’s Perennial of the Year is Panicum virgatum Northwind, Northwind Switch Grass.

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